Steps to do a private dinner with Chef ! Philippe

1) Agree on the date
2) We agree on an overall budget3) I send you several menus so you can get an ideas of your options

4) I do a walk threw where we decide on the parking , unloading and use of space , on the type of menu you would like , we decide the time you want to start, the flow of the evening , the staff you desire , the china and details of the table set up you want

5) I send you the first draft of your menu , a recap of our meeting

6) Schedule server and assistant and pre order the food if necessary

8) Final menu and wine suggested if needed  and agreed on final budget

9) Send you a reminder of the what we need to succeed at your home

10) Prepare and cook food which takes often several days, all my food is made from scratch

11) Day of the event the server or servers will come and set up the table when I arrive about  1.30 hours before the start of the diner

12) Clean spotless the kitchen before leaving


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