Chef Philippe Schmit

Philippe Schmit is an executive chef who was most recently named “Master Chef of France,” the most sought-after award given to chefs dedicated to French cuisine.

(photo credit: Julie Soefer)

(photo credit: Julie Soefer)

Philippe lives and cooks in Houston, Texas where he most recently created the acclaimed Philippe Restaurant + Lounge (which was recognized by Texas Monthly as one of Texas’ “Best New Restaurants”) and bistro moderne at Hotel Derek (where he was hailed as one of the city’s most innovative and talented chefs following his arrival in 2004).

Currently, Philippe is in the planning stages of a new project and is cooking for special events.

Born and raised in Roanne, France, Philippe first apprenticed at age 14 at a local restaurant in the picturesque French town northwest of Lyon and then trained at three of Paris’s most respected Michelin 2-Star restaurants: Le Carre des Feuillants, Pavillon Elysee Lenotre and Restaurant Jacques Cagna.

In 1990, Philippe set sail for New York and ignited his stateside career by earning a coveted sous chef position at the internationally respected Le Bernardin and later joining Park Bistro as chef de cuisine.  In 1994, he became executive chef of the fashionable and immensely popular Madison Avenue mainstay, La Goulue. And in 2000, Schmit opened Orsay as executive chef, taking the New York restaurant scene by storm.

Philippe loves all things Texas and has called Houston home for 10 years.

4 Responses to Chef Philippe Schmit

  1. Fawn says:

    Chef Philippe,

    It was great reading about you on your blog. You are such an interesting and nice person.

    I know your new restaurant will be very successful because you are a great chef. I am looking forward to your grand opening day.

    Take care and have fun,


  2. Philippe,
    I found you… got lost in Texas!
    Hope you restaurant will be a success,
    cannot believe you didn’t ask me for advice.
    However I’m sure it is beautiful!
    Lots of hellos from a soon to be springy NEW YORK

  3. Carlos says:

    Beef ragout risotto sounds interesting chef! A combination of a tomato ragout w/ beef and risotto? I have been trying to improve on my risotto cooking as of late learning more and more about the tricks many cooks seem to have to make it better, seems that there are too many opinions and methods! good look next year!

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