Bonjour! I am back!

Since Philippe Restaurant + Lounge opened just 10 months ago, it has been a whirlwind! So the blog that I was going to contribute to every month took a back burner… pun intended. I am still very busy, but since so many of you insist, I have decided to whip up a fresh batch of The French Cowboy! Do not worry; I will stop with the puns – I know my real job is in the kitchen!!

In fact, that is where I want to take you to: my kitchen at Philippe Restaurant + Lounge. We have been very busy getting ready for the Holidays. Thanksgiving was wonderful! We prepared 12 organic free-range turkeys for over 300 guests. Maybe you also saw me on  KHOU the morning of Black Friday showing what to do with your leftovers. There are so many ideas. I hope you found something delicious to do with leftovers at your house! Now we are getting excited for even more celebration on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. We are helping our guests celebrate almost every day in December and many of you are still booking Holiday parties throughout January.

Our Holiday Tasting menu started on November 16th and is available all of December. We also soon will have a Holiday To-Go menu. It starts mid-December with traditional French holiday dishes like foie gras, smoked salmon, salmon gravlax, and a Christmas log. But remember that Texas traditions also make me happy so I have asked our Pastry Chef, Jami, to add a pecan pie to that menu (deep dish style, with bourbon and chocolate chips!). Is your mouth watering yet?

Just before Thanksgiving we hosted our second wine dinner with our sommelier Vanessa Treviño Boyd.  She showcased the Mountain Cabernets of Napa Valley with a 4-course menu that we prepared for our lucky guests that signed up! So finally, I will show you a peek into my kitchen so you can see how hard we worked to prepare this meal.  Au revoir!

French lesson of the day: Je suis de retour!

Translation: I am back!

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