Shall we dance?

M’accordez-vous cette dance?

Hello again!

I have been very busy since I last wrote. The restaurant construction is “coming along,” as I have learned to say. I have also learned to say, “I will be patient.” But it is very hard, no?

I need to have fun sometimes to not be under too much stress with building the restaurant. One of the ways I do this is by going out dancing. Luckily, the word for dance in French is “dance,” so no translation is needed.

When people imagine French dancing, they maybe think about ballet or maybe ballroom, can-can, or burlesque, even. People do not think about a French man dancing country and western!

Because I am now a Texan, I wanted to learn some Texas-style dancing and so I thought I would take a line-dancing class. My Texan friends reacted in a not so good way. “Quelle horreur!” they told me, “The Texas-two-step is what we do, not line-dancing!” Now I know.

I went to Sonia’s World of Dance on Westheimer to learn the Texas Two-Step and it was a great experience! I was a little nervous at first, but I realized that is a really laid back dance, plus, Sonia and her assistant Lauren were very beautiful and kind to me and good at teaching the steps.

I learned that the Two-Step is good for Texas men because it is a dance where a man can make his partner look good but not lose his manly attitude. The process of learning Two-Step is easy compared to ballroom where you have to break down a complicated step into easy steps. Instead the Two-Step has a romantic feel to it and it is great if you want to interact with your dance partner. You do not have to get into the technical aspect, like other dances, and Sonia and Lauren encouraged me to not be so stiff but relax and swing a little in my steps.

Watch for yourself my dance lesson with Sonia and Lauren. Pretty good, no? Ok, I know I need practice but at least I learned to not tell my Texas friends I want to go line-dancing again!

French lesson of the day: Would you like to dance? M’accordez-vous cette dance?

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3 Responses to Shall we dance?

  1. Huan Le says:

    Very happy you decided to stay in Houston. Can’t wait for your restaurant to open. Please keep posting on your blog. Any suggestions for a picnic dinner to bring to the Miller Outdoor Theater?

    • Thank you Huan! I will keep sharing the details of my life and passion for cooking. Thanks for following and hope to see you in November at the restaurant!

    • Here are the recipe recommendations!
      A cold couscous salad with peaches and almonds , cold slice of leg of lamb , Harissa on the side !!
      A warm quiche with honey , pine nuts and Gruyere .
      A Pan Bagna [ cold sandwich ] in a round country bun field with some albacore tuna in oil , a touch of mayonnaise , red radishes slices , fennel shavings, tomatoes, black olives , anchovies and capers.
      Hummus , olive tapenade with crackers or nachos .
      A apple tatin [ the heat would keep it warm , covered so no mosquito] , and bring Creme Fraiche in the cooler !

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